Who we are?

Azul Lavanda / El Proyecto de Lavanda is a social model company that is dedicated to the cultivation, production, reproduction and commercialization of lavender seedlings, as well as the extraction of essential oil applying added value, thus obtaining a considerable line of products used for the body, soul and spirit.


We are a rural Mexican company whose main purpose is to create jobs, sustain our families and improve our community through development of sustainable and alternative agricultural processes, as well as the elaboration of innovative products and responsible business practices.


To be a recognized and competitive company within the next 5 years among the SMEs in the market, because of the elaboration of nature products of lavender, applying the value added and a high quality.


  • 1. Teamwork
  • 2. Honesty
  • 3. Excellence
  • 4. Congruence
  • 5. Punctuality
  • 6. Responsability
  • 7. Gift of service

Our History

In 2005, we faced one of the worst droughts due to a shortage of rain and high temperatures. Then we visit the place and it made the difference, it expanded the panorama of agriculture, and then we started to cultivate something more suitable to our lands, due to the warm weather and moderately dry of our community, La Colorada; made the cultivation of lavender one of the better options to our region, adapting to the agroclimatic characteristics of this.

The lavender project starts its history though an invitation from the Alliance of San Antonio Organization based in Albuquerque New Mexico, U.S.A. (Founded in 1999) with the purpose of help communities under extreme poverty in Central America and part of México.

In 2006, during the months of June and July the founder Aucencio Domenzain Martínez received help with the capacity in the production, reproduction, identification of varieties, distillation, dehydration and benefits of this crop the training took place in Valley View Lavender Farm, Buhl Idaho, U.S.A.

Since that moment was determined that would be stablished a social model agro – industrial company dedicated to the cultivation of lavender to obtain its essential oil and was there when Azul Lavanda, S.P.R. de R.L. born


Part of our main objectives of the Lavanda Project is to donate a percentage of the income from the sale of its products to the civil association Adelante Juntos por La Colorada, A.C. for the programs that take place at the La Colorada Community Center.

However, the project has not yet reached its point of maturity. Nowadays the Community center programs are being supported by the generosity of the main project sponsor St. Anthony’s Alliance.

  • Breakfast Programs
  • Scholarship Programs
  • Learning Center
  • Medical Transportation
  • First Aid programs
  • Social Programs

For donations to social programs, contact 4181126727 or email aucencio@adelantelc.org

We are Guanajuato Brand

Guanajuato Brand is a badge that holds a company with the following characteristics and better practices: Distinction of Origin, Commercial Reference and Representative of Quality.

Buy what is made in Guanajuato.

All those who buy the products made in Guanajuato, in addition to consuming product and services of high quality, boosts the strengthening of the economy as well as the increasing of jobs to the guanajuatenses. Today Guanajuato is positioned as an excellent host nationally and internationally, likewise our products meet quality standards that allow us to compete with pride on a global level and above all affirm… Products Guanajuato.