• The prices of our products are expressed in Mexican pesos and are subject to change without prior notice.
  • The company reserves the right to modify some characteristics of its products.
  • Shipping costs will be paid by the customer.


  • Orders or purchase orders should be sent to our sales department at: and they will gladly answer your questions about the project and any of our products.
  • Within 24 hours (Business Days) you will receive the quotation of your order for authorization. The authorization implies the confirmation of your order, as well as the verification of your bank deposit or transfer.
  • If any of our products is not available or there was a problem related to payment or some information is missing in your shipping and / or billing address, our sales department will contact
    contact you to inform you of the status of your order.
  • All special orders must be made 30 days in advance and make an advance payment of 50% of the total of your purchase order.
  • Any special sample requested by the client must be paid in advance according to the prices in force at the time of the request.


Company Data
Calle México 14, La Colorada, Dolores Hidalgo, C.I.N.
Guanajuato. C.P. 37800
Tel. 418-112-6727
RFC: ALA080328L29
Bank data
Branch: 0264 Dolores Hidalgo, Gto.
Address: Plaza Principal 15
Lavender Blue, S.P.R. by R.L. México 14, La Colorada, Dolores Hidalgo, C.I.N. Guanajuato. C.P. 37800 Tel. Cel. 418-112-6727
Downtown Area, Dolores Hidalgo, Gto. 37800
Telephone: 418 182 1816

Information for payments

Cash Pickup
Owner: Azul Lavanda, S.P.R. by R.L.
Bank: Banamex
# Branch: 0264
Account #: 0109753
Clabe: 002220026401097539
Reference: 0109753

Transfers from the United States of North America
Owner: Azul Lavanda, S.P.R. by R.L.
ABA code: 021000021
Clabe Interbancaria: 002220026401097539

NOTE: For each payment you make, please send proof, via email, with the data of the individual or legal entity for billing.


  • The order will be processed until the corresponding payment has been made for the total number of products ordered.
  • Once your order has been confirmed, authorized and paid, it will be sent by our authorized parcel or another parcel authorized by the customer on the Wednesday following the completion of the purchase order process.
  • To guarantee the good condition of the products, a repackaging is carried out by the parcel we recommend, which is why your order should arrive in 3 to 5 business days; so that you consider the delivery times according to your needs.
  • To avoid delays, the customer must provide the following information:
    a) Company name
    b) Contact name
    c) Shipping address, including phone number and email
    d) If you require an invoice, please send a copy of your RFC in an attachment and provide the use of CFDI and payment method.
  • Part of our Mission is to be a socially and ecologically responsible company, for this reason every Wednesday we make a trip to San Miguel de Allende (approximately 70 km.), offering the delivery service at no extra cost to our local clients. Understanding as local those clients of Dolores


  • We ship to the entire Mexican Republic, all shipments have a cost that will depend on the service, weight, volume and area where the order will be delivered, and the payment for this concept will be paid by the customer and is added to the quote. The tracking number will be sent as soon as the parcel company releases it.
  • The amount of the parcel for the “Next Day” service will be subject to the courier company that is contracted.
  • Orders requested by our local customers on days other than Wednesdays will cost $ 350.00 pesos.
  • Due to the location of our community we do not send collect.


You can make your purchase directly in the La Colorada community. Come visit us!
You will be welcome, we attend from Monday to Friday 8:00 AM-3: 00 PM and Saturdays from
8:00 AM to 1:00 PM, except holidays. It will be a pleasure to serve you !!!


Our soaps are made by hand with vegetable oils and without preservatives, so the shelf life is 6 months and must be stored. dine in a cool, dry place; so returns will be subject to the following:

  • Returns will not be accepted if the soaps are specifically returned after the expiration date, which will be considered for this purpose the date of the purchase order.
  • All our shipments are packed on our own; If when you receive your package, the box or packaging is open, you do not receive the package, contact us immediately, sending us the evidence with a photograph at the time to make the relevant claim to the courier company.
  • If the package or box was received satisfactorily but the product is defective or missing, you must send your claim to our sales department within 24 hours after receiving the package. If after inquiring, the Lavender Project accepts the defect or missing
    reported in the first instance, the damaged or missing product will be sent back to you.
  • If the Lavender Project does not accept your claim, it will ask you to return the package in order to verify the damage. The cost of shipping the return generated will be paid by the customer.
  • Once The Lavender Project receives the returned package and can effectively verify that there was a failure on its part, it will refund the cost of the return shipping and will resend the product (s).
  • If the Lavender Project upon receipt of the package considers that the reported damage did not warrant the return, it will notify the customer that their return was not accepted. If the customer wants the merchandise to be sent back to him, he will have to cover the shipping costs that are generated.
  • Orders that have been processed and paid, where the client authorizes that the collection is carried out on their own, after 30 days. The Lavender Project is not responsible for the conditions of the product or refund of the total amount paid in advance.


  • You can send a notice to cancel a purchase order, as long as we have not yet received the confirmation and authorization of your order.
  • Once the Lavender Project has processed your order and received the payment, the cancellation of the same will originate 20% of the total purchase order.
  • In the event that the order cancellation is accepted but the deposit has already been made to pay for the order, it will not be returned; The client may request another purchase order for the amount deposited in a period of no more than 3 months.
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